FELLOWS Award Programme


Dedicated to 12 artists whose practice focuses on climate justice and its connection to social, racial, and environmental issues.


Cultural & Artistic Responses to the Environmental Crisis (CAREC) brings together 12 mid-career artists and cultural practitioners from around the world in a year-long interdisciplinary programme with a focus on climate justice and the connection between the climate crisis and the social, racial, and environmental issues in which it is entangled. 

Fellows receive €10,000 to invest in the further growth of their practice, engaging their communities, proposing inventive solutions, and imagining alternative futures.


The programme fosters community-based practices that address different pressing environmental issues through decolonising imagination, engaging with indigenous and seasonal ways of living, or reexamining history.

Often locally rooted but speaking to the global challenges humanity is facing in the climate crisis, CAREC provides opportunities for engaged creatives to collectively build alternative ways of co-existing with our environment.


We welcome applications from individuals who have ±7-15 years of relevant professional experience and whose individual practice relates to visual art, curation, writing, music, performance, design, architecture, and more. Individuals who are arts managers, facilitators, academic researchers, or others, without an individual artistic practice, do not fall under this category, and as such are not eligible to apply.

Eligible applicants must be from, live, and work in our eligible countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean and Eastern Europe.


Cycle 4 public announcement

January 2025

Join our global community of changemakers.