Mobile Labs

The Prince Claus Fund Mobile Labs are alternative co-thinking spaces where cultural changemakers can meet and exchange ideas.

Mobile Labs

Independent and nomadic events, the Mobile Labs travel across the globe, sparking opportunities for new perspectives to flourish. Co-curated in collaboration with our Impact Awardees, the Labs respond to the necessities of their specific community, serving needs on the ground while enabling knowledge to be collaboratively shared through lectures, workshops, discussions, and field trips.

The Mobile Labs adapt to local thematic developments, serving as a responsive measure to specific opportunities and needs on the ground.

Each Mobile Lab features our Impact Awardees, alongside our Seed Awardees and Fellows, as well as changemakers from the Fund's Network, local artists and cultural practitioners, catalyzing global, dynamic and long-lasting connections. 

Previous editions


The Mobile Lab in Morocco took us to the cities of Rabat, Benslimane and Casablanca, where visual artist and 2022 Impact Awardee, Hassan Darsi, co-curated days of public events, cultural trips, and an exhibition together with the Prince Claus Fund.

The Mobile Lab's programme addressed the urgency of critically assessing public space and citizenship, while celebrating the 25th anniversary since the foundation of the cultural laboratory La Source du Lion.  

EGYPT 2023

Mobile Lab Egypt by Heba Khamis

The Mobile Lab in Egypt took us to Cairo, where architect, heritage conservationist, and 2022 Impact Awardee, May al-Ibrashy, and the organization, Megawra—Built Environment Collective, co-curated a dynamic programme together with the Prince Claus Fund.

The Mobile Lab's programme explored heritage as being shaped and reshaped by the community inhabiting it, and as a fundament to creating stronger and more resilient societies.


Mobile Lab Argentina by Victoria Rowell

The Mobile Lab in Argentina took us to Buenos Aires, where writer, poet, editor, and 2022 Impact Awardee, María Medrano, and prison abolition collective, YoNoFui, co-curated a dynamic programme together with the Prince Claus Fund.

The Lab's programme reflected on how we can rethink the ways we connect to each other, with a focus on female-identifying and LGBTQIA+ prisoners and ex-prisoners.


The Mobile Lab in Brazil took us to the cities of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, where indigenous leader and 2022 Impact Awardee, Ailton Krenak, co-curated a programme of public events, master classes, performances, and panel talks together with the Prince Claus Fund.

The Lab was themed around "Mother Tongue" and critically addressed the urgent need to conserve and nurture Brazil's indigenous languages.


The Mobile Lab in Senegal is curated by film director, screenwriter, and 2022 Impact Awardee, Alain Gomis, and comprises of screenings, workshops, a concert, and various public events.

The Lab centres film as a medium to address the complexities of identity, foreignness, and agency, drawn from Alain Gomis’ personal experiences dealing with a dual French-Senegalese nationality and his own search of belonging.