We amplify the transformative power of culture

Prince Claus Fund is an independent foundation dedicated to culture and development. With trust-based funding, connections and recognition, we serve engaged artists and cultural practitioners in places where culture is under pressure.

Supported 50K individuals

2.4K projects made possible

In 144 countries

Reaching millions worldwide

Our History

We depend on culture as a force for change. For discovering different perspectives and creating a platform to highlight alternative narratives, spreading innovative ideas and expressing our identity. Culture is a basic need, vital to humanity. 

Founded in 1996 as a tribute to HRH Prince Claus’s unwavering dedication to culture and development, the Prince Claus Fund has become a global leader in trust-based funding and an outspoken advocate for the transformative power of culture. 

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The ones who challenge dominant systems, are often the most at risk. They are the forefront of real change, addressing equity, freedom and climate challenges in their communities and beyond. We need their voices to be heard. Because when culture is suppressed, we lose the ability to truly understand each other, work together and create a better future.  

That’s why we serve engaged artists and cultural practitioners around the world, who work in circumstances where culture is under pressure. By offering them trust-based funding, recognition and connections, we grow an international community of changemakers.

With a proven track-record in identifying diverse talent, implementing effective programs and creating powerful networks, the Prince Claus Fund is able to create tangible results, while honouring the autonomy of the artist throughout the process. 

HRH Prince Claus believed that culture and autonomy were vital for an equitable world and sustainable development. In this spirit, our Awardees and Fellows receive trust-based grants, amplifying their socially engaged practice at crucial stages of their careers. Since its foundation, the Prince Claus Fund has supported almost 2,400 projects and 50,000 individuals in 144 countries. Ultimately, the accumulated impact of their work can touch the lives of millions.

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Because culture is a catalyst for change, even a small act can have a global effect. Supporting the Prince Claus Fund means direct access to areas you passionately care about, contributing to a future that’s more equitable, inclusive, peaceful and environmentally sustainable. While the stories that prove this are plentiful, we need them to multiply. With your help, we can advance our global community of changemakers, accelerate their impact and amplify the power of culture as a fundamental force.

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