We connect knowledge and resources. Imagination and action. Towards a future that is more equitable, peaceful, and environmentally sustainable. Keep a pulse on cutting-edge cultural and transformative ideas from around the world - let's connect.

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We believe in the transformative power of culture to drive positive change in a world that urgently needs it. Join us in connecting knowledge, resources, and imagination towards a future that is more equitable, peaceful, and environmentally sustainable. 

For almost 30 years, we have committed to tackling the issues in three key impact areas: Climate, Freedom, and Equity, through the lenses of art and creativity. By partnering with us, you'll have the unique opportunity to engage with cutting-edge cultural practitioners and discover their innovative ideas from around the globe.

We want to connect through our shared values and goals creating inspiring collaborations that can engage wide audiences by providing a platform and support to culture fostering resilience worldwide.

A partnership with Prince Claus Fund is a powerful way of demonstrating leadership facing solutions to global challenges and achieve meaningful impact through arts and culture.

Our themes


Culture can play its part in the fight to avert or limit climate disaster by raising awareness of, and creating insight into, the experiences of people, communities and ecosystems that are suffering the effects of climate change. 


People and communities should be able to act, live and express themselves as they choose, without impeding the freedom of other people or communities. Meaningful freedom requires both absence of constraints but also the capability to exercise agency and actively pursue goals.


We need to rectify the unequal division of resources, opportunities, representation and justice between different communities, including racial, gender, class, caste, nationality, or disability-based inequalities. We believe that to achieve fairness we need to begin with a recognition of the diverse needs of individuals and groups as well as the complex intersections of different categories of oppression.