FELLOWS Award Programme

Building Beyond

Dedicated to 12 artists whose work reimagines public space and community in the built environment on the African continent.


Building Beyond

Developed in collaboration with Creative Industries Fund NL, Building Beyond is where artists from across the African continent come together to collectively respond to the built environment by engaging with relational worlds of communities and public space in this setting. Fellows receive €10,000 to invest in the further growth of their practice, engaging their communities, critically assessing how we live, and what the future could hold.


Supported by four mentors, this programme fosters conversation, collaboration, and support to spatial practices. Participants contribute to an ongoing conversation on how resilience, humanity, and creativity in our urban environments can create opportunities for communally imagined realities in the city.

Some key urban questions that Building Beyond addresses include: Who narrates? Who represents? Who creates? Who is invited? Who belongs? 


We welcome applications from individuals who have ±7-15 years of relevant professional experience and whose individual practice relates to architecture, design, spatial practice, public space, and urban communities. Individuals who are arts managers, facilitators, academic researchers, or others, without an individual artistic practice, do not fall under this category, and as such are not eligible to apply.

Eligible applicants must be from, live, and work in our eligible countries in Africa.


Cycle 4 public announcement

February 2025

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