Moving Narratives Cycle 2 call for applications

Please note: this call for applications has been officially closed. 

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Call for applications

Moving Narratives is a programme developed in collaboration with British Council, which supports creative practices committed to moving the world towards equitable and just futures.

Are you an artist or cultural practitioner recentring marginalised histories or challenging contemporary narratives? Then we invite you to apply for Cycle 2 of Moving Narratives: a multi-disciplinary programme, which supports artists to explore and strengthen creative practices that reconsider historical legacies and explore emancipatory movements. 

Dominant discourses and one-sided worldviews influence the organisation of society, politics, and individual life. This can lead to the exclusion of diverse experiences and perspectives, denying space for critical voices and sustaining social inequalities. Creative practices can play a crucial role in challenging the status quo and recentring marginalised narratives. By working with nuanced perspectives that show social and political complexities, artists have the power to expand our understanding of the past and reimagine our visions of the future.


A partnership between the Prince Claus Fund and British Council, each year Moving Narratives brings together 12 socially and politically engaged mid-career artists and cultural practitioners working across diverse mediums and approaches. Different interpretations of the mentorship’s overarching theme are welcomed. 

Supported by four mentors, participants are encouraged to collectively experiment, exchange, and develop artistic strategies that address dominant narratives and the inequalities they sustain. We invite applications from artists who are active within their local communities, and we prioritise practices that focus on intersectional and critical approaches that challenge dominant worldviews and discourses.

To foster conversations and collaborations within the cohort, and to support each artist in their practice, the programme includes workshops, reading groups, guest talks, and peer-to-peer review sessions. The mentors guide participants and provide constructive feedback, to encourage exploration and to challenge and support their practice. Most of the activities are online, but the cohort comes together twice in person for the Lab Weeks (six-day intensive mentoring sessions). Within the programme, the cohort collectively creates a joint project in the form of a printed publication and online platform.  

Additionally, each participant receives an award of €10.000 to work on the project or body of work outlined in their application. While the grant is not limited to a strict project plan or budget, the participant’s proposed project is used as a baseline for the programme and informs the sessions with the mentors.     


With this open call we invite applications from individual, experienced artists and cultural practitioners who:  

  • Are from, live and work in our eligible countries;

  • Are artists, cultural practitioners, or creatives whose practice highlights marginalised histories that challenge dominant worldviews. The Prince Claus Fund and British Council hold a broad understanding of arts and culture. When referring to artists and cultural practitioners, we mean people who have an individual artistic practice. Individuals who are arts managers, facilitators, academic researchers or others, without an individual artistic practice, do not fall under this category, and are not eligible to apply.

  • Have between 7-15 years of relevant professional experience. Moving Narratives is meant only for individual artists who, regardless of age, meet the professional experience criteria, counting from the date they started engaging in a professional artistic practice to the date of submitting their application.

Due to the nature of the programme, applicants need to be able to communicate in English.

Eligibility and application process

Programme details

How to apply & selection process

The deadline for the submissions was16 July 2024 at 17:30 CEST.

Frequently asked questions

Can I see what the application form looks like before submitting one?

Yes. You can create an account and log-in to the Prince Claus Awards Platform and see all the steps of the application form before filling it out and submitting your application. Once you begin filling out the form, you can save it at any point and return to complete it later. Please note that once you have submitted the application, you will not be able to make amendments to it. 

Can I receive individual feedback on my application?

Due to the number of applications received we are not able to provide personalised feedback to all applicants. The Prince Claus Fund will provide all non-successful applicants with a general report on the common mistakes we received overall in the applications and will share the major points for improving applications in the future.

What artistic and cultural practices does the Fellows Award support?

We hold a very broad disciplinary understanding of arts and culture and encourage you to apply with a practice is embedded in the field of art and culture. We are always open to applications from experimental, innovative and inter-disciplinary art practices. 

We do not support practices that are embedded in the academic or development field such as academic scholarships or academic research. 

Can my applications and supporting documents be in a language different than English?

The application form, CV, and the Pitch (video and audio) must be in English. Supporting materials such as a portfolio and links can be submitted in your language of preference. 

How can I tell if I have successfully submitted my application?

You will receive an email confirmation within 10 minutes after you submit your application. If you have not received one, please make sure that the application is completed and that it was submitted. On the Prince Claus Awards Platform you can check the status of your application under ‘my submissions’. A completed application should read ‘submitted’ rather than ‘in progress’. 

If I have more or fewer years than the eligibility criteria of ±8-15 years of experience?

Our criteria, stipulating that artists should be within approximately 8-15 years into their professional careers, are grounded in an average timeframe used to identify mid-career artists. We recognize that career experiences can be subjective, shaped by individual realities and contexts. Whether you have a slightly shorter or longer career span, we encourage you to apply, as we also take into account the trajectory and consistency of the artist or cultural practitioner. 

What is a reference letter and who should this letter be from?

A reference letter is a letter which is written by a person or on behalf of an organisation that knows your work and/or has worked with you in the past and can recommend your work. The letter should explain how the referee knows your work and why they recommend you for the SEED or FELLOWS Award. The reference letter should be signed and contain the contact details of the person referring you. It does not have to be longer than a page. 

Am I eligible to apply again next year if my application was not successful this time?

Yes. You are always welcome to apply next year if your application was not successful in our last call for applications.

Can I apply with my organisation, collective or duo?

No. Group or duo initiatives, collectives, and organisations are not eligible to apply. 

How do I know if my application has been received?

You will receive an email confirmation within 10 minutes after submitting your application. If you have not received a confirmation, please make sure that the application is completed and that it was submitted. Additionally, you can check the status of your application on the Prince Claus Awards Platform under ‘My Submissions’. A completed application should read ‘submitted’ rather than ‘in progress’.

What are supporting materials?

Supporting materials refer to any information about you and/or your work that have not been shared within the application form but are still important to be considered during the assessment phase. These could include samples of your previous or current work (images, videos, texts, etc.), a portfolio, reviews, interviews, extra references, or any links to social media that you would like to share. 

What is a good pitch? What should I include in my pitch?

A pitch is a presentation where you introduce yourself, your work and, most importantly, present your motivation for joining this mentorship programme. You can submit your pitch in either audio or video format. Be creative! The pitch is a valuable opportunity for us to learn more about you. You have the option to discuss aspects of your work or personal experiences that you feel are important but have not yet been addressed in this application.

The country where I'm from is not listed on the eligibility country list. Can I still apply?

No. To be eligible, an individual must come from and be living and working in one of the Prince Claus Fund eligible countries. Please note that if you are a national of one of our eligible countries but are currently living and working in a country not listed in our eligible country list you are not eligible to apply.  

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