Awardee & 2024 Impact Award Jury Member



Kettly Mars advocates for free expression through her literature.

Reexamining history
Free expression / Civil society
Cultural heritage
Archive - Prince Claus Laureate 2011


Kettly Mars is a novelist and poet based in Haiti. Mars has become a significant voice in contemporary Haitian literature. Her works predominantly explore themes of Haitian culture, identity, and socio-political issues through a deeply personal and psychological lens, offering insight into the complexities of Haitian society. Mars's notable novels include "Saisons sauvages" and "Aux Frontières de la soif", which have garnered critical acclaim for their exploration of political tyranny and personal freedom. Her contributions extend to international discussions on women's rights and cultural heritage, making her a figure in Caribbean literature.Mars's influence is amplified by her engagements in various literary festivals and her presence in global publications. She has been a guest at the International Literature Festival in Berlin and her works have been translated into several languages, broadening her impact. Through her poignant storytelling and vivid characterizations, Mars not only captivates her audience but also sparks important conversations about governance, resilience, and human rights in Haiti.