International Advisory Board Member & Moving Narratives Mentor



Besa Luci is a journalist and chief editor of independent print and multimedia magazine, Kosovo 2.0.


Through Kosovo 2.0, Besa Luci creates uncompromising journalism that listens to people’s experiences, explains complex realities, provides context, and provokes conversations in Kosovo, the region, and beyond. Since 2010, Kosovo 2.0 has been a leading outlet in introducing profound storytelling and compelling visuals on the region’s political and social transformation.

Besa is actively involved in public conversations and initiatives pertaining to media innovation, journalistic excellence, and cultural development. She is a documentary film producer and writer. Besa is also a board member of Manifesta 14, the European Nomadic Biennial’s 2022 Prishtina edition, and she is a board member of Dokufest, the International Documentary and Short Film Festival. Besa was a Teaching Assistant at the Journalism Department, University of Prishtina, between 2013-2019.