Mobile Lab BRAZIL 2024

Co-curated with 2022 Impact Awardee Ailton Krenak.

Mobile Lab Brazil

Language is essential to one’s culture and, when a language is lost, there is a cultural void and important knowledge is forgotten. At its core, one’s language is a basic right: to express their individuality but also to shape their culture, produce new knowledges, and preserve ancestry. 

Our first Mobile Lab in 2024 took us to the cities of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, where indigenous leader, environmentalist, philosopher, writer, and 2022 Impact Awardee, Ailton Krenak, co-curated a three-day programme of public events, master classes, performances, and panel talks together with the Prince Claus Fund.

The 2024 Mobile Lab in Brazil was themed around "Mother Tongue" and critically addressed the urgent need to conserve and nurture Brazil's indigenous languages as part of a larger effort of de-colonisation and working towards a future that is equitable, inclusive, and sustainable.

Full programme

Official opening

With Cris Takuá, Carlos Papa, Lilly Baniwa, and Ailton Krenak

Panel talks & discussion

Featuring Jera Guarani, Dona Katarina, Davi Popygua, Carlos Papa, Bruna Franchetto, Ana Sueli, Joaquim Mana, Cris Takuá


By Carlos Papa and Suely Rolnik


By Carlos Tukano and Zé Guajajara

Creative word

Featuring Jose Ribamar Bessa, Joaquim Mana, Júlia Xavante, and Zé Guajajara

Poetic exchanges

Featuring Mobile Lab participants


Image by Renato Mangolin
Image by Renato Mangolin
Image by Renato Mangolin
Image by Renato Mangolin
Image by Renato Mangolin
Image by Richard Wera Mirim
Image by Richard Wera Mirim