O Menelick 2º Ato




O Menelick 2º Ato advocates for the civil society through visual art.

Racial justice
Free expression / Civil society
Visual Art


O Menelick 2º Ato is a cultural project based in Brazil. It is focusing on the valorization of Black culture through visual and literary arts. Established as a platform, it operates primarily through its influential magazine that showcases Afro-Brazilian artistry and perspectives. The initiative is celebrated for its profound impact on the representation of Black culture in Brazilian media, often highlighting themes of racial identity, historical contributions, and contemporary societal impacts of the Afro-Brazilian community.O Menelick 2º Ato's projects extend to exhibitions, cultural talks, and collaborations with artists and writers that explore and celebrate the richness of Black Brazilian culture. Notably, their work has been featured in various cultural institutions and events across Brazil, emphasizing a narrative of empowerment and visibility.