Al Kamandjâti Association




Al Kamandjâti Association promotes free expression through music.

Free expression / Civil society
Indigenous rights
Cultural heritage
Archive - Prince Claus Laureate 2006


Al Kamandjâti Association is a nonprofit organization based in Palestine. It is dedicated to providing music education to Palestinian children, especially those residing in refugee camps and marginalized villages across the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and southern Lebanon. Founded in 2002 by musician Ramzi Aburedwan, a native of the Al Amari refugee camp in Ramallah, the association emerged from Aburedwan's vision to offer children a pathway to explore their creative potential and to discover their cultural heritage.By organizing music lessons, workshops, and programs, including concerts in refugee camps, and bringing musicians from around the globe to participate, Al Kamandjâti fosters a profound connection between Palestinian children and the wider world. The association also collaborates with European partners to conduct solidarity concerts and fundraising campaigns, significantly aiding in the collection of musical instruments and teaching materials.